Tell your audience some facts about your product. Figures and statistics often attracts others and stick to their mind. so if you have some facts to flaunt then don’t hesitate. Remember, they cannot check your product or test your service like they can when they go for shopping. The only thing they can trust your product is through reviews and the facts. So make sure you communicate with your audience as much as you can and ignore the haters. Ask your customers to give you a feedback if they love your product and you can flaunt that too. You can also give a brief history of your product or your company- must if it has some sentimental value- because people love to hear success or inspirational stories. If you are new then you can share history of the product which you are offering. Im sure you’ll find a story once you dig into things, if your story is not worth sharing or lacks few things to attract people, spice it up as I can tell you many success stories which are considered no more than miracles BUT all exaggerated.