Twitter is known as one of the most popular channels for both retailers and shoppers, given its mobile-first nature. Shoppers are constantly looking up the latest holiday deals, reading reviews, asking for friends’ advice, and contacting brands for support, all on their smartphones. For this reason, advertisers need to start planning their Twitter Advertising holiday strategies.

It’s November, and shoppers are asking questions, searching for products, and looking for brands that will go the extra mile to make their holiday shopping a success. 80% of conversations starting in September and lasting through December are what we call “pre-purchase conversations”. Of these conversations, 30% focus on saving money and finding deals. Sunday is the day when most brands advertise their deals and steals, leading holiday shopping conversations to spike 87% on Twitter. So schedule your campaigns to align with your customers browsing habits on Twitter and let your customers know how they can save and what offers they can take advantage of.

Most importantly, you mustn’t forget to create engaging ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when the real fun begins!